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The Hike and The Swim

On Friday, August 3, we decided to escape the Washington, D.C. heat and head west into the Appalachian Mountains for some relief. Our drive took us to Greenbrier State Park, located near Boonsboro, MD. The map to the left (courtesy GoogleMaps) shows the location of the park.
Once the rental car was parked, we loaded up our packs, consulted our maps and headed into the forest. The topographic map to the left details our hike, with our route in red. Even in the shaded forest it was quite warm. We made plenty of stops for water and gummy bears, with the golden bears given out after exceptionally brave deeds. Our hike took us up a hill and back down to a large lake. Once at the lake it was difficult to leave. We eventually circumnavigated the lake, returning to the rental car, after which we donned our bathing suits and hit the water at one of the three bathing beaches.

Our nephew Sam Rise blogs about his Peace Corps adventures in Namibia

Herman Hendrickson Photos

Ted Peterson, Helen Hendrickson and Herman Hendrickson
unknown, Mary Peterson, unknown, Helen Hendrickson and Herman Hendrickson
video of Herman and Helen Hendrickson, Ted and Mary Peterson

Recent Rides

the ride
date distance riders, notes, etc.
Flaming Geyser 1 July 2016 26.94 miles Steven Johnson, Wesley Collins (domestique)
Southcenter - Boeing - Kent Wander 15 July 2016 28.63 miles Steven Johnson
Bellevue P&R - 520 Trail - Marymoor - Issaquah Loop 24 July 2016 32.10 miles Steven Johnson
Hyak - Rattlesnake Lake - North Bend 28 July 2016 31.90 miles Steven Johnson, Wesley Collins (domestique)
North Lake Washington Loop 14 August 2016 42.70 miles Steven Johnson
Nanaimo BC 27 August 2016 25.51 miles rented bike from Hub City Cycles
Hyak - Cle Elum 1 September 2016 30.10 miles Steven Johnson, Wesley Collins (domestique)
Citibike Training Ride 15 April 2017 24.66 miles four bicycles
Citibike Training Ride 22 April 2017 28.25 miles six bicycles
Citibike Training Ride 30 April 2017 31.92 miles six bicycles
Hawthorne NY Ride 7 May 2017 54.54 miles Kieran O'Connor (plus additional Citibike miles)
Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes 19 May 2017 81.81 miles Steven Johnson, Wesley Collins (domestique). added miles
Mercer Island Loop 29 November 2018 13.1 miles Steven Johnson
Marymoor Park, Washington 29 November 2018 3.4 miles Steven Johnson

Recent Hikes

the hike / climb
date distance companions, notes, etc.
Marymere Falls, Olympic National Park 5 June 2016 2.56 miles Beth Bryson
Camp Muir, Mount Rainier 22 June 2016 about 10 miles Sam Rise
South Fork, Snoqualmie River; Snoqualmie Pass Tunnel 30 June 2016 about 10 kilometers George Summers
Mount St. Helens crater rim 21 July 2016 8.77 miles Sam Rise
St. Marks Summit and Unnecessary Mountain 28 August 2016 11.92 miles David Marmorek